Fallen Generals

The history of the USFL’s glamour team (1983-1986)

In 1983, America began a brief flirtation with spring football as the United States Football League made its debut.

With the signing of Heisman winner Herschel Walker, the New Jersey Generals were instantly thrust into national prominence. One year later, the team’s profile would continue to grow after real estate magnate Donald Trump purchased the Generals, and over the next two years, he would spare no expense to bring in more star-quality talent. Easily his biggest coup was the signing of Boston College’s Doug Flutie, college football’s most prolific passer, giving the Generals their second Heisman winner in three years.

Relive this unique era of professional football from its inception to its unnecessary downfall with this detailed week-by-week history of the USFL’s marquee franchise. Included are Generals and league news, statistics, lineups and play-by-play.

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