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Take extra “saftey” precautions in winter

Sale on “snowboads”

Who will be in your “bridle” party?

Make a “fasion” statement

Flowers for all “occassions”

I’d rather use the front “enterance”

I hate those smelly “deoderants”

Get a freebie after your third “seperate” stay

The “chikens” of “Februay”

“Accidnets” happen

Enjoy the “eentertainment”

It’s important to stay “heathy”

So many need to lose “wieght”

“Noisey” brakes can be a problem

Great drink “specias”

“Clearence” sale on now

Cook a “rost” for dinner tonight

“Srping” cleaning

So “tendre” it will melt in your mouth

Live “simpley”