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Only those “reasponsible” with a “licsence” need apply

Two “ouncie” “burguers”

When you need to visit the “pharmary”

Eat your “vegtables”

Closed “do” to construction

So many “vendar’s” to choose from

Or try a “quater” pounder

Something to do on a lazy “Sataday”

Don’t be one of the “violaters”

Feel like a “sangwich?”

Gift certificates “availble”

Limited “capicity”

Closed on “Twesda”

Enjoy a “smootie”

Just needs a coat of “ashphalt”

And a “Happ” New Year as well

Wishing for a “sandwish”

Someone isn’t ready for “Febuary”

That’s their “maximun”

Live a “healty” lifestyle