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Select “vanitys” on sale

Have you visited “Singarpore”?

Pick up more “souveniers”

“Inqiure” within

Parking for “custumers” only

Have some “Japanes” food

“Barly” soup or “chiken”?

Many people have a fear of “hieghs”

For your “veiwing” pleasure

No, I don’t “recogonize” anyone

Collect “tradin” cards

“Clearence” sale

Hush, hush, sweet “Charolette”

Under video “survalance”

For all your “upholstry” needs

We “apologies” profusely

For those who need “glueten”-free foods

Made with the finest “sirlion”

BBQ held “montly”

People also need “thier” dictionaries