22 Feb

Ode to the Street Urchins

Sitting in Weirdo Central Station off by myself near midday
A group of would-be Idle No More protesters came my way
The nearby security guard strapped on the latex gloves, they did see
Someone must have passed out, perhaps one, maybe three
One laments that someone took a bottle from him, he can’t remember what
The thief probably saved him from poisoning his gut
Another wondered aloud if he should go to detox for five or ten days
For him, there undoubtedly have been prior stays
Meanwhile, back and forth the street urchins parade
None of them have ever likely practiced a trade
One of them was carrying a backpack
Peeking out was a cat that was black
The feline climbed out and ran around the floor
While the owner chased it to the door
I move on and spot someone uncontrollably shaking his leg
At least he didn’t approach me for money and beg
When it comes to weirdos and scruffy characters, there is no shortage
In the city built around the corner of Main and Portage

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