12 May

Dugald Road Smorgasbord

The amount of junk that I see on the side of Manitoba highways never ceases to amaze me. I have often been tempted to start a Web site called mbroadjunk.com and document the wide variety of trash strewn along our roads. 

Today at Dugald Road and the Perimeter, however, I spotted one of the more unusual refuse piles that I’ve seen on my two-wheeled travels.
From the looks of it, some hunter had shot some geese and packed his haul into a garbage bag. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, that bag ended up on the shoulder of the northeast corner of that intersection.
Given how Manitobans use their highway system as open-air dumpsters, I’m inclined to believe that this dumping was intentional.

Vultures and other creatures have obviously been feasting on the abandoned carcasses. Little remains besides feathers. The Dugald Road Smorgasbord is now closed.

Another day in the Socialist People’s Republic of Manitoba. Where people take so much pride in their province.

Or not.