16 Dec

Ode to a Stadium

Taxpayers brace for another major hit
More of our money will be thrown into a bottomless pit

The Blue Bombers make their demands
Governments line up to obey their commands

A stadium is a necessity, they say
Still more money you will have to pay

A minor league football team with a major league appetite for your cash
We must now build a place for 30,000 drunkards to crash

Warding off opponents, around City Hall the mayor builds a moat
So he can ram the stadium bill down our throat

Councillors obediently get into line
So they can pick your pocket and mine

This is a good deal, we are told
Not as good as if the team were to fold

The team is so popular, Bomber proponents moan
Yet it can’t survive without many a forgiven loan

It’s time to put the brakes on the gravy train
This team gives us all financial pain