01 Apr

Harper, Flaherty to Join NDP

The unthinkable has happened.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has left the Conservative Party and joined forces with Canada’s New Democrats.

“Today, the Prime Minister informed his caucus that he and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will be crossing the floor and sitting with the New Democratic Party,” said a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s office. “He encourages all of his former Conservative colleagues to join him in unifying the country under the leadership of Canada’s New Democrats. Given the values that we share including reckless spending without bounds, it is only natural that our parties should combine forces to achieve our common goals.”

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair shakes hands with Stephen Harper, the newest member of the New Democratic caucus.
On the heels of the recent Federal budget, this move has been rumored for weeks. The controversial budget, which continues to send Canada’s debt skyrocketing, brings the Conservatives so closely aligned with the New Democrats, Canada’s official opposition, that today’s announcement at Parliament Hill was seen as inevitable.

“This is a great day for all Canadians,” said a spokesman for NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. “The Prime Minister’s decision to join the NDP truly indicates that the momentum of our movement is growing by leaps and bounds. We welcome him, Minister Flaherty, and all of the Conservative caucus members who share our vision of bankrupting the nation. We intend to move forward together and follow the lead of our comrades in Greece and Cyprus who have plunged their nations into financial ruin.”

Both Mulcair and Harper deflected questions regarding the leadership of what is expected to become one unified party. However, both indicated a willingness to cooperate until a leadership convention is held. Insiders say that plans are already being made for a convention later this year in Quebec City.

A spokesman for prospective Liberal leader Justin Trudeau declined comment.