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24 Jan

Lost Dog Epidemic

As I walk the streets of this snow-covered community in the bitter cold, I am noticing an epidemic of lost dog signs.

In the past, I have noticed occasional signs for a lost dog from time to time, but never anywhere close to the number that I’ve seen recently. Lost dogs have apparently become such a problem that there’s even a Web site at, where dog owners can go for help in finding their lost dogs.

I am not a dog owner, nor do I have any affinity for dogs, but I do feel badly for the dogs in question. Domesticated animals are ill-equipped to live on their own and being outside their homes in this extreme cold can effectively be a death sentence.

Seeing these signs and the desperate pleas from their owners leads me to wonder why these dogs are getting lost in the first place. Certainly, accidents do happen, but there are so many people in this city who take their dogs out and let them roam free with impunity and/or handle their dog’s call of nature by “letting the dog out,” often to do its business in their neighbor’s yard.

These same people will then act so surprised when their dog, set loose from captivity, decides to go for a little adventure around the neighborhood, gets lost or just chooses not to return.

You can hardly blame such an animal. Anyone on the Prairies understands the concept of cabin fever. Most humans, however, know how to get home. Many dogs do not.

Perhaps if these same dog owners spent half the time and effort in keeping their dogs penned up as they did in printing and distributing these signs, their dogs would be safe and sound at home.

26 Jan

Dear Dog Owner

Dear Dog Owner:
I am so envious of your outlook on life. I only wished that I possessed the same bright, cheery, Utopian view of the world that was so evident on your face even in this bitter cold while your large dogs growled and chased me on that public pathway. Your laughing and giggling certainly gave me cause to reflect. My repeated encounters with people such as yourself make me proud to call myself a Winnipegger.
I would like to humbly apologize for any distress that my defensive manoeuvres may have caused your canine friends. I can’t imagine the stress that those poor animals must have endured when I frustrated their attempts to gnaw at the flesh on my legs. They are such beautiful animals. I must learn to be less selfish in future and consider their needs first.
The leash laws that have been enacted by the City of Winnipeg are cruel, indeed. I am so glad that you are among the vast majority of dog owners in our wonderful city who have decided to disregard these draconian laws. Dogs like yours were meant to roam free. It is our obligation, as responsible citizens, to ensure their well-being. If I may have implied otherwise in our conversation, I do so humbly apologize once again.
In addition, I realize now that I may have been something less than polite to you as we spoke ever so briefly on that day. I beg your understanding and forgiveness for my most shameful behavior after warding off what I now realize were friendly approaches from your dogs. Even now, I cannot believe how insensitive I acted on both occasions when your dogs ran after me in full gallop.
My only hope is that we may meet again so that I may apologize for my conduct in person.
As you so kindly suggested, I have since sought professional help. My psychologist has prescribed medication and I will diligently follow through on all of his recommendations. I hope to be a better person going forward.
Please be assured that I am a dog lover at heart. It always does my heart good when I see yellow snow or clean fecal matter off the bottom of my boots. It is then and only then that I breathe easier in the knowledge that our canine population is alive and well cared for by responsible dog owners like you.
Sincerely and humbly yours.