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22 Feb

Ode to the Street Urchins

Sitting in Weirdo Central Station off by myself near midday
A group of would-be Idle No More protesters came my way
The nearby security guard strapped on the latex gloves, they did see
Someone must have passed out, perhaps one, maybe three
One laments that someone took a bottle from him, he can’t remember what
The thief probably saved him from poisoning his gut
Another wondered aloud if he should go to detox for five or ten days
For him, there undoubtedly have been prior stays
Meanwhile, back and forth the street urchins parade
None of them have ever likely practiced a trade
One of them was carrying a backpack
Peeking out was a cat that was black
The feline climbed out and ran around the floor
While the owner chased it to the door
I move on and spot someone uncontrollably shaking his leg
At least he didn’t approach me for money and beg
When it comes to weirdos and scruffy characters, there is no shortage
In the city built around the corner of Main and Portage
25 Jan

A Poetic Voyage to the Core

Another voyage to the center of this crime-ridden city
Stabbings and shootings on a daily basis, what a pity
The closer I get to the downtown beat
The seedier the people I pass on the street
Take, for example, one scruffy-looking dude
I didn’t check to see if he was friendly or rude
I wanted to duck behind a bench
When I saw him dangling a large crescent wrench
Backing away, I passed him by
Watch your back if you see this guy
Approaching me were some leftovers from Idle No More
Who had gone back to being idle in the core
Youngsters, hanging out in a group of ten or more
Puffing on smokes that I probably paid for
Unkempt and not looking cool
Pray tell, why were they not in school?
After passing by these clowns
I entered the biggest haven of street urchins in town
Weirdos abound at the downtown library
Sometimes things can get hairy
One soul was lost in an aimless gaze
Par for the course, I failed to be amazed
Someone asked him if they could help, I mused
He said that he was confused
No one could help him it seems
Presumably until a signal from outer space an alien beams
I returned home after hearing a few dog barks
Promptly checked my back for stab marks
All clear for now, a sigh of relief
Reflecting on scenes beyond belief
19 Oct

From the Depths of Downtown Winnipeg

There is something weird to be seen in every visit to downtown Winnipeg.
Take today, for example.
While washing my hands in the washroom at Cityplace, a man comes up to the sink beside me after using the urinal. He wets the tips of his fingers and sticks them up his nose.
I didn’t bother to ask what he was trying to find as he ferociously gouged out the inner sanctums of his nose through both nostrils.
Next, comes this sign at the front entrance of the Millennium Library:
The library apparently now has a social worker.
I’m still trying to figure out why.
When you think “library”, you think books. Magazines. Encyclopaedias. Reading. Writing. Research.
The Oxford Canadian dictionary definition of “library” reads as follows:
“A collection of books, periodicals, recordings, electronic reference materials, etc. for use by the public of by members of a group.”
Not so in the capital of the Socialist People’s Republic of Manitoba.
Now, it’s a resource center to help you, as the sign says, to find housing, welfare, or the more politically-correct euphemism “social assistance”, employment and counselling. The list goes on ad nauseum.
These services, if they are needed at all, shouldn’t fall within the scope of any municipal government, let alone a public library.
While the councillors and the mayor keep patting themselves on the back on how efficiently they run the city, they authorize frivolous, redundant and no doubt expensive services like this.
Next time you wonder why your taxes are so high, add this to the multitude of reasons.