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May 14, 2020Added photos for King's Highway 406 (Ontario).
April 11, 2020Added photos for the decommissioned sections of King's Highways 2, 5 and 11 (Ontario).
April 2, 2020Added photos for the decommissioned section of King's Highway 6 (Ontario).
March 13, 2020Added more than 110 photos for King's Highway 401 (Ontario).
February 22, 2020Added more than 60 photos for Highway 407 ETR (Ontario).
February 7, 2020Added photos for New York State Route 384.
February 6, 2020Added photos for Interstates 190 and 290 and the Niagara Scenic Parkway (New York).
January 23, 2020Added page for Québec Route 175.
January 18, 2020Added photos for New York State Routes 5 and 265.
January 3, 2020Added photos for the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway and the Red Hill Valley Parkway (Ontario).

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