The Team

White Out



Uniform History

Blasts from the Past

The Missing Ring

False Dawn

The “Double Ditch” Incident

The First Sellout

Remembrance Day Massacre

1974 Save the Jets Campaign

Efforts to Save the Jets


Jets vs. Soviets - 1977-1978

Jets vs. Flames - 1985

Hospitality House

Goals for Kids

The Opponents

Jets Constitution

Minor League Affiliates

The Jets' First NHL Game

Vegas Nite

Tuxedo Night

Jets' Green Light Turns Red

Top 10 Infamous Games

Jets vs. Oilers

Legends of Maroons Road

Ben Hatskin

Good Fergie, Bad Fergie

Hannu Jarvenpaa

Bengt Lundholm

Dan Maloney

Rejean Lemelin

In Memoriam

The Originals

The Forgotten Fill-Ins

Get Off the Ice, MacLean!

Voices of the Jets

Satire: Some humorous Jets-related fiction

Jets 25th Season

Jets Get Their Mann

Jets Douse Flames

Jets Hire Dan Maloney

Jets Take 3-1 Series Lead

Jets Trade Babych for Neufeld

Skills Competition